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About us

Bogota, Colombia, March 2019.

I've been working on what I like for several years now. I am a biologist, I have focused on the conservation of biodiversity, and I have contributed with my "grain of sand" for the protection of wild mammals in my country, Colombia: one of the few considered Megadiverse on the planet and worldwide recognized for its Amazon rainforest.

I’ve been trained in pedagogy and was an educator because, to paraphrase Mandela, I firmly believe that "education is the most powerful weapon to change the world."

Also, in the deep desire to forge a family legacy, I decided to train in marketing to show our project in the most authentic way as possible: we had time making artisan jewellery, completely by hand. The use of recycled silver and gold, as well as ethically sourced Colombian sapphires and emeralds cut directly in our atelier, allowed us to create sustainable jewels.

I felt like I was ready to take the next step and created The Sapphire.

For many weeks it was a blank canvas. I just had the name and the irrepressible desire to unite in there everything that I was passionate about: the conservation of biodiversity, education and sustainable jewellery with ethically sourced gemstones.

Caldas da Rainha, Portugal, September 2019.

I came to live in a place full of art and crafts, recognized as a Creative City by UNESCO in 2019. It is accompanied by forests and, a few minutes away, the Óbidos Lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean with the Portuguese Silver Coast.

I attended talks on sustainability and activities on maritime pollution. I worked in design and photography for gemstone trading companies, and for Real Estate in Spain and Portugal, which sparked my interest in sustainable architecture and design. I trained in Digital Transformation with MIT.

It was the perfect time to start The Sapphire. I wrote some articles on marketing and the Premium and Luxury market. However, something was missing.

Portugal, 2020: The year of the pandemic and social isolation.

The Sapphire begins, in the middle of the confinement.

Staying at home leads me to meditate on our behavior and consumption habits, the environmental footprint we leave and the responsibility we have with our present and future generations.

I see that in some countries voices are raised and that many industries are looking for a way to contribute, venturing into sustainability. The Premium and Luxury markets are increasingly joining this, including the gemstone industry in which I have worked.

I have found what was missing.

And as an act of respect for our environment, our communities and our economy, I start The Sapphire: The First Digital Magazine on Sustainable Luxury in Portugal.

It’s inspired by the stories of Portuguese and international sustainable fashion, lifestyle and design brands.

Our mission is focused on informing, educating and publishing. From our actions and articles, we want to contribute to the Sustainable Development goals.

If you know of a Premium or Luxury brand with sustainable products or services, contact us. Many will appreciate having known them.

Caldas da Rainha, December 2020.


The Sapphire.

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