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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy indicates how The Sapphire processes your personal information. It is not valid for applications or other websites that are linked to The Sapphire (for example, links from external platforms that lead to any of our pages and vice versa), because they are not under our control.

To access our Privacy Policy, an updated link will always be available in the footer menu. It will also be linked to some other elements that involve the processing of your data, such as contact forms.

Any update or modification of the Privacy Policy may be made without prior notice. Therefore, we suggest that you review it regularly if you consider it necessary. Likewise, we respectfully recommend that you refrain from visiting our website and/or contracting our services if you do not agree with this Privacy Policy. Otherwise, it is assumed that you accept all the terms described here.

Personal information we process

Your browsing through The Sapphire, sending forms, subscribing to our Newsletter and any contact you make by email and social networks, will lead to us receiving some of your personal data.

Among the information that we may receive are:

  • Your name, last name, country, email, address and postal code.

  • Country and/or city of connection, pages you visit within our website, browsing dates and device from which you browse: computer, tablet, television or mobile phone.

  • Texts, images, videos and/or audio recordings that you send us.

  • We only request specific banking and/or financial information in the case of transactions for the provision of any of our services.

In any case, the foregoing does not limit The Sapphire in the event that it is strictly necessary to obtain and/or process additional information that guarantees the proper functioning of the website or the provision of services, always based on the principle of good faith.

How we obtain your personal information

We can obtain your data in the following way:

Personal data sent by you

They correspond to the information obtained when you send us a contact form, subscribe to our Newsletter, register on our website and/or contact us through email and social networks. It also includes all the data that you provide us as part of any commercial transaction.

Personal Data collected by our website and social networks

The use of our own cookies and those corresponding to social networks automatically provide us with information related, but not limited to: the type of device from which you visit us (for example: computer, tablet, television or mobile phone), country and/or city, pages and average duration of your session on our website. For more details, visit our Cookie Policy.

How we use your personal data

We use your personal data to respond to you when you contact us, make a request for information, subscribe to our Newsletter or purchase any of our services. In those cases, depending on the process, we use the necessary data to ensure our communication and to offer you a satisfactory experience with The Sapphire.

In situations related to marketing, communication and/or sponsored content, we may use your data on preferences to offer you content that is appropriate and that may be of interest to you. However, The Sapphire is not responsible for advertising displayed by third parties that are not under our control.

In some cases, your browsing data may be obtained by third parties. For example, if within our website you consciously or even unintentionally click on a link that redirects you to an external platform or application. The Sapphire is not responsible for the information collected by the latter, as it is not under our control.

Update and/or delete your personal data

By following the General Regulations on Data Protection, you have the right to update your personal data. For example, if you have subscribed to our Newsletter but you will no longer use the same email, or if you are going to purchase one of our services again but want to update your address and postal code.

In the same way, you can unsubscribe from our Newsletter and/or request that all your contact information be deleted once a commercial transaction is completed. In any of these cases, you must write to us through this form, detailing your entire request.

Security of your personal data

Worldwide, servers, data centers, networks and others related to the browsing and storage process do not guarantee total security. Therefore, we are not responsible for any damage or loss of information that is not under our control.

The Sapphire does not sell your personal data.

Update date: January 2021.

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